Solid Design

Looking for a compact mechanical keyboard that’s sleek, sturdy and feature-loaded? The Epomaker TH96 is a powerful keyboard packed with functionality and premium designs. Thanks to the special structural design, the TH96 feels completely solid due to the stainless steel plate, which adds weight and strength to the board.

Innovative Gasket Design
  1. Magnetic top lid
  2. CNC Aluminium Knob
  3. Matte Style Top case
  4. Keycaps
  5. Stabilizers
  6. Switches
  7. Gasket
  8. Steel Plate
  9. Sound Absorbing Silicon Biscuit Pad
  10. PCBA
  11. Type-C Interface
  12. Wireless ON/OFF switch
  13. Sound absorbing Silicon bottom pad
  14. 6000mAh Battery
  15. 2.4G Receiver collation slot
  16. Silicone Feet
  17. 2.4G Wireless Receiver
  18. Two-layer footprint
  19. High-precision bottom case

It is innovatively designed featuring the silicone gasket mount structure, added silicone sound-absorbing foam, poron foam utilization, and a thick silicone damping bottom pad which all provide a responsive and peaceful typing sound.

The TH96 is a solid gasket mounted mechanical keyboard born with the singular goal of providing a premium typing experience at a budget-friendly price!

Program with QMK/VIA

You can choose the QMK/VIA version for Epomaker TH96 to fully customize your work, program and remap each key on the keyboard with ease. Easy to use and connect with your devices to drop your favorite keys or macros commands to remap your keyboard on your preferable system. The open-source firmware means endless possibilities for layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects and more. Note: The QMK/VIA TH96 version is only wired

Wireless and Wired

Wireless and Wired

Epomaker TH96 is an excellent solution for multitasking, boosting your productivity and exploring your creativity. Equipped with bluetooth 5.1 and a 2.4G wireless receiver, you can connect TH96 with up to 3 devices wirelessly for seamless multitasking across your laptop, phone and tablet. Easily switch among your different devices as it is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows. For wired use, the TH96 features a removable USB-C connection for use with your choice of cable and device.


Smart CNC Knob

The TH96 features a scroll wheel on the top right corner for assigning customizable parameters to your setup. From changing the volume to scrolling through panels, the CNC knob can be used to enhance your creative workflow depending on the program being used. With a magnet cover on the knob, you can also customize your personal design. Furthermore, with the QMK/VIA version, you can easily customize your favorite keys and macros through the VIA software.

Suitable For All Devices

Suitable For All Devices

The TH96 is compellable with both Windows and Mac. Equipped with the QMK/VIA, you can easily configure different keycaps for both Mac and Windows. Customize your keyboard with your personal typing preference.

MDA V2 & MDA Keycaps

MDA V2 and MDA Profile PBT Keycaps

Continuing with our previous Epomaker TH66 and Epomaker TH80 models, which are already available on the market, the Epomaker TH96 also adopts PBT keycaps to provide a textured feeling and durability. Our premium PBT keycaps are made through thermal sublimation, meaning the labels will not fade over time. The yellow version utilizes MDA while the gray version implements MDA V2 for ergonomic and comfortable long typing sessions. These keycaps are waterproof and resistant to dust and abrasion. Choose the best profile for your typing experience.

Epomaker Customized Switches

Epomaker Customized Switch

At Epomaker, we have been studying the R&D behind mechanical keyboards for nearly a decade. We are proud to present our latest innovations, the Epomaker Customized Switches! These mechanical switches are custom designed after extensive research on the markets’ most acclaimed switches, and have been improved through community inputs.



Like any other mechanical keyboard, the TH96 is hot-swappable so that you can personalize your typing experience with different 3 pin or 5 pin mechanical switches without soldering required.

Strong, smooth, and see-through, Epomaker's first mechanical switches are available in linear switches or tactile switches.

South-facing RGB Lights

South-facing RGB Lights

The south-facing RGB is designed to better illuminate the keyboard backlight from the typist’s angle. The south-facing RGB is also free from interference when the user installs Cherry-profile alternative keycaps on their keyboard.

Comes with more than 19 types of RGB backlight settings as well as a static white backlight option. You can further fine-tune the RGB hue, saturation, brightness, effect speed with ease.


Number of Keys
96 keys
96% 95keys+knob
Plate Material
3-5 pin mechanical switches
USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz
Full, south-facing RGB LEDs
Keycaps profile
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