Epomaker Everglide SK87 Kit


TKL Hot Swappable Acrylic RGB Wired/Wireless Mechanical Gaming DIY Keyboard Kit

  • A Full Function TKL Hotswappable Mechanical DIY Keyboard Kit
  • Improved Gasket-Mounted, Poron Foam & PC Plate
  • Bluetooth Wireless or USB-C Wired
  • Compatible with Screw-in Stabilizers
  • Built-in SMD RGB Backlights and Underglows
  • Type-C Connection & Compatible with Windows/Mac
Color :
Frost White
Clear Black
Plate Material :
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A Full Function TKL Hotswappable Mechanical DIY Keyboard Kit

A TKL keyboard is usually considered an almighty one that contains all functions in the full-size keyboards. Everglide SK87 Kit has continued the necessary functions and gone further. Featuring hot-swappable and improved gasket-mounted structure with sound dampening foams, the SK87 Kit provides DIYers with more fun and presents an ergonomic and comfortable typing experience.

Improved Gasket-Mounted, Poron Foam & PC Plate

To go for a soft typing feeling, Everglide SK87 is assembled in a gasket mount. Unlike the general gasket structure without any screws in the plate, Everglide remains the screws to increase the consistency for the need in typing. In the meanwhile, the PC plate is firmly-built and better to be shine-through. As for presenting better typing sounds, the keyboard is inserted with Poron as the PCB foam. You can actually feel the thocky sound in every corner of this keyboard!

Programmable Via Wireless Bluetooth

With a rechargeable 6000mAh battery, the efficient Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows the keyboard to connect up to three devices seamlessly. The keyboard can also be programmed with the bluetooth connection. The keyboard supports *upgrading to triple modes with 2.4Ghz connection. It is especially convenient for those who are fed up with cables all along. Without messy-cable issues, you can change and set up your own keyboard at will!

*Note: A matching dongle needs to be purchased separately for upgrading to triple mode.

Compatbile with Screw-in Stabilizers

Screw-in stabilizers are often considered as an effective way to prevent rattling on large keys like spacebars and modifiers. This DIY kit is equipped with Everglide V2 PCB Stabilizers, which work with MX-compatible PCBs and greatly decrease typing noise. Being ‘pre-clipped’, it aims to eliminate foot clipping, while the outer casings are specially shaped to prevent threads from stripping. Now you can build your exclusive mechanical keyboard with this DIY kit!

Built-in SMD RGB Backlights and Underglows

Acrylic based keyboards are friendly to typists as they can be much brighter with backlights. The Everglide SK87 kit is not only fulfilling this demand but also adding more to light up your desktop - with underglow lights! Thanks to the RGB modules on the PCB, the backlights can be changed in different modes and it is also programmable. You can enjoy your own groovy lights even under a dark environment!

Type-C Connection & Compatible with Windows/Mac

With the SMD LEDs, RGB light effects are classic and neat, and you can freely adjust the brightness and light speed. To stay a fast and stable transmission, the keyboard is connected by a detachable type-C cable. More than that, the keyboard supports USB 3.0 connection to be efficient and fast charging. As a multi-tasking keyboard, it is also compatible with OS on both Windows and Mac. It surely meets the needs of each user to work efficiently or switch between gaming and working status.

Note: When the keyboard is under the wireless mode, USB 3.0 connection may cause interference in transmitting signals.


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TKL, 87 keys
Support 3/5-pin switches
Switch Type
Mechanical Cherry MX Style switches
Per-key & Underglow RGB
Case Material
CNC Acrylic
Stabilizers Type
Screw-in & Plate mounted
Plate Material
  • Epomaker Everglide SK87 kit (Case, PCB, Mounting Plate, Stabilizers, dampening Foams)
  • Switch Puller
  • Keycap Puller
  • Type-C Cable

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Kent Rune Vik
Though start

This is an ok entry TKL keyboard. however. it took some time from i received it untill i could use it since there was no manual in the box and no manual on the website. When manual and software was available i could finaly start using the keyboard. I use it as my second keyboard, since i can change between the bluetooth and cable, so i can use it on multiple computers.


Thank you for leaving a review here.

We are so glad that you enjoy this keyboard.

If you have other thoughts on the keyboard, feel free to let us know.

Thank you for your support for us.

Kind regards,
Epomaker Team


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