[IC] Epomaker Everglide SK87 DIY Kit


TKL Gasket Mount Hot-swappable Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

Estimated GB Date: Early June 2022

Estimated Shipping Date: July 2022

  • A TKL gasket mount hot-swappable mechanical keyboard DIY kit!
  • A large capacity of 6000mAh battery allows the keyboard in dual-mode to have steady transmission with bluetooth and type-C connetion, as well as supports triple-mode plus 2.4Ghz connection (a specific dongle needs to be purchased).
  • Structured gasket-mount with Everglide screw-in stabilizers, the keyboard is offering a stable and consistant typing flow.
  • The RGB backlights are shine-through not only from the sockets but also underglow.

  • We would like hear your voice about this kit!

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      [IC] Epomaker Everglide SK87 DIY Kit
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